food philosophy

We believe that treats should be enjoyed without guilt.  All of our baked goods are gluten free and oftentimes grain free.  We strive to incorporate as many local farm fresh organic ingredients in all our menu offerings including pastured eggs, honey, maple syrup, butter, berries, sweet potatoes and more!  We use only the highest quality ingredients so our baked goods are delicious AND nutrient dense.  We believe in whole foods that don't come from a factory and are consumed as close to the source as possible.  As we build out our capacity, we will expand our food offerings beyond baked goods so keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting offerings as we grow and evolve!   

Drink philosophy

We strive to offer you the highest quality locally roasted coffee to help ignite your day.  It's important to us to support the small but steadily growing specialty coffee industry here in Vermont and we source all of our coffee from BRIO Coffeeworks here in Burlington. Quality and craftmanship are our main focus when it comes to brewing coffee so we use various brew methods to help highlight the diverse flavor notes in the coffee beans themselves.  We're committed to sourcing our dairy from local organic VT producers and our butter is 100% grass-fed and sourced from Mountain Home Farm in Tunbridge.  We're open minded and always experimenting so our drink menu will grow and evolve as we do.  We're looking forward to another VT growing season and can't wait to introduce smoothies and other specialty drinks that utilize local ingredients to our selections.  Ask questions, be curious and give in to your adventurous side and try one of our Performance Coffees!